I have been in the Luxury automobile sales industry for over 30 years and have consistently been the # 1 performer wherever I was. I am currently part of the McGrath Lexus of Chicago sales team. I was able to do this because of the one simple guideline I have, treat each person not as a customer, but with respect and as a friend. I am hoping to bring this same guiding philosophy to this business and make it a unique one. I also bring experience as a successful former business owner for 10 years, and am going to bring the knowledge of having a strong and positive relationships with our clients. The biggest effect of treating people like they are more than customers is that you get to build trust and long-lasting relationships. No matter the reason, we want to provide you with a rental experience that leaves you feeling like more than just a customer.

Mathew Akkal

I originally just dipped my toes into the car rental industry through rental apps that taught me how the market works. I had only seen it as a temporary side hustle that happened to make money but wasn’t actually something that I was considering doing long-term. Eventually it evolved from just a side hustle to a lucrative industry that I not only saw a lot of potential in, but was something that I would genuinely enjoy. Over the course of my three years in the car rental industry, I have been able to truly perfect my interpersonal skills. I learned that at the end of the day the real way to run a business and be successful is to treat each person you come across with respect and dignity.